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How I discovered the Wrap

Scrolling through ig I was discussing with the hubs my extra belly skin I thought was an issue. Then I saw someone post before and afters and they were talking about some wrap. i continued going through these pictures and was like woah! I wondered if it really worked. Oddly enough they mentioned that the company was called it works. Like any other person would, I started researching the thing.  But I couldn't find the price or how it worked ANYWHERE!  I decided to seek out one of these distributor people, except all their profiles were private and they looked like models. So now little ole me wasn't going to be requesting to follow magazine mom on IG who probably wasn't even real. As if the universe heard my calling, a girl that went to the same high school as me requested me. I saw her pic, she was real, her kids were real and we had friends in common so I accepted. As I'm obsessing over the before and afters I find she posted a game where I could win a free wrap.  I'm IN!  If i could try this thing FREE and see what it really does I'll get some I thought. 

The universe was on my side, I win the giveaway and find out we're in the same city.  She arranges to drop the wrap off to me at home and gives me some basic instructions as I wasn't ready to reaveal all of my insecurities to this woman. She let's me know I should wrap for at least 45min, drink half my body weight in water over the next 3 days (so if you weigh 160lbs drink 80oz) and voila! I would see progressive results over the next 3 days AND they get better as I continue wrapping. I take this miracle cloth and put it away safely.  I was waiting for the perfect moment to wrap.  It sat in my drawer for about a week. Meanwhile i'm stalking her ig and think this might be a legit way to make some extra cash.  I figure why not try it?  I do what any other person would do, I head straight to my facebook and post i have a wrap for sale $30.  Within minutes someone messaged me wanting to try, so I give her what I saw was the coupon price of $25.  

Immediately requested the comp plan from my new IG friend and even though I really didn't understand it, I figured I would at least get free product if I signed 4 customers in 30 days. My mind was made up, I took out my credit card and signed up. The distributor kit came with 4 wraps below is my results after one. After just 8hrs my skin was smoother and the stretched skin at the bottom of my tummy shrunk up somehow.  After 24 hrs I bloated but still my skin was smoother and tighter, by the third day the bloating went away and I was stoked. (i can't find the picture of after the 3rd day because this was yrs ago and I can't find the sd card it's on) I couldn't believe this thing really did what it was supposed to.  I couldn't wait to do the other three.

Fast forward to 3 wraps and I couldn't contain my excitement. I was crazy telling everyone about it!  

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I saw my tummy shrinking and my waist coming back!  there was hope i'd fit some of my old clothes back!  

Have questions or try one for yourself?  


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