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So what's this wrap challenge anyway?

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What is this Crazy Wrap Thing?

Hey there! I bet you're wondering what the heck this crazy wrap thing is. Well, I'm here to help!  Here's the skinny on the skinny wrap. This is what it is: A non-woven cloth infused with a botanical cream formula. In English: a magic piece of cloth. What do you do with it? Apply it to desired area for at least 45 minutes to tighten, tone & firm the skin. This is where you can apply it, just don't forget to snap that picture before you do. We don't expect you to be still and lay like broccoli for 45 minutes. Secure that baby on with something and go about your business. You can use plastic wrap or our hypoallergenic fab wrap. Next up, Hydrate! unwrap yo' self, rub the remaining lotion into the skin and take that after picture for comparison.  the proof is in the pictures!  It doesn't stop there. The ingredients in the lotion continue to work over the next 72 hours. That's right, your results are going to keep get

Life Happened

I had gotten myself down to pre-pregnancy jeans. Was drinking greens, wrapping once in a while and using defining gel everyday. Completely excited about all of my progress I decided to start walking daily. I'd bring the kids down to the park, they burned energy and mama burned calories.  I was feeling amazing! Suddenly, I started feeling tired. I couldn't understand why. I was drinking my greens daily, they gave me energy. Drinking tons of water, I wasn't dehydrated. Even added in Thermofit to give my metabolism a boost. I couldn't figure out why I was so exhausted all the time. Little did I know I was pregnant again. Forced to cut thermofit and wrapping I continued drinking lots of water and walking. We decided to move back to the states to be near family, I spent the rest of my pregnancy a bit more idle than I was in Puerto Rico. I found it was too cold for walks and did some winter hibernation as my baby bump grew. Fast forward six weeks after baby #4

How I discovered the Wrap

Scrolling through ig I was discussing with the hubs my extra belly skin I thought was an issue. Then I saw someone post before and afters and they were talking about some wrap. i continued going through these pictures and was like woah! I wondered if it really worked. Oddly enough they mentioned that the company was called it works. Like any other person would, I started researching the thing.  But I couldn't find the price or how it worked ANYWHERE!  I decided to seek out one of these distributor people, except all their profiles were private and they looked like models. So now little ole me wasn't going to be requesting to follow magazine mom on IG who probably wasn't even real. As if the universe heard my calling, a girl that went to the same high school as me requested me. I saw her pic, she was real, her kids were real and we had friends in common so I accepted. As I'm obsessing over the before and afters I find she posted a game where I could win a free wrap.  I&#