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So what's this wrap challenge anyway?

Greetings!   So, you're here because you keep seeing these posts about a 12 Week Wrap Challenge and are wondering what the heck that means.  Especially what it entails.  Well, I am here to help you! We have this wrap you see, and it's pretty stinking amazing (get wrap details here ) You can only acquire one of these wraps from an It Works distributor like myself.  One wrap session would be $25-$30 (one wrap).  If you want a full treatment (one box of 4 wraps) it would be $99. Then there's the 12 Week Wrap Challenge, where you get a 4 week supply for $59.  Let me elaborate, 12 weeks, 12 wraps at $14.75 each wrap, which is a 40% discount. Yes, I'm that person who calculates cost per ounce at the supermarket.  How to participate? you go to this website here:   12 Week Wrap Challenge You will get a 4 week supply delivered directly to your door every month for the duration of the challenge.  Check in with the person you ordered from for questions and to share y

What is this Crazy Wrap Thing?

Hey there! I bet you're wondering what the heck this crazy wrap thing is. Well, I'm here to help!  Here's the skinny on the skinny wrap. This is what it is: A non-woven cloth infused with a botanical cream formula. In English: a magic piece of cloth. What do you do with it? Apply it to desired area for at least 45 minutes to tighten, tone & firm the skin. This is where you can apply it, just don't forget to snap that picture before you do. We don't expect you to be still and lay like broccoli for 45 minutes. Secure that baby on with something and go about your business. You can use plastic wrap or our hypoallergenic fab wrap. Next up, Hydrate! unwrap yo' self, rub the remaining lotion into the skin and take that after picture for comparison.  the proof is in the pictures!  It doesn't stop there. The ingredients in the lotion continue to work over the next 72 hours. That's right, your results are going to keep get